Negin & Amir


Amir Nourani


Negin Azizi

August 13, 2023

Istanbul, Turkey
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How We Met

Amir and Negin first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s housewarming party in California. Negin: When I met Amir, he seemed like another smooth talker trying to pick me up in a bar. While I have to admit his suave demeanor was attractive, it was his sweet and thoughtful side that really drew me in. He’s outgoing and vivacious, caring and kind. I can’t wait to call him my husband. Amir: I was immediately awestruck when I first laid my eyes on Negin, but knew I had to be creative to win her over. She was someone special; I could just tell. I love how independent and warm-hearted she is. And when she smiles, it lights up the room. I tell myself how lucky I am every day to know her and can’t wait to make her officially mine. After a myriad traveling, hiking, kayaking, sky diving, and snowboarding Amir finally popped the question – and Negin said yes! We are so looking forward to starting this new chapter together, and can’t wait to celebrate with you at our wedding ceremony and reception.