August 5, 2018

Nathan & Tonilyn (Bear)


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Nathan Hooks


Tonilyn Erickson

August 5


Partners in Climb

In August of 2014, I went to climb Mt.Rainier. With no desires other than to be a part of this mountain, I went into Whittaker Mountaineering hoping to try on some boots for my climb. There, I ran into Nate who helped me lace up a fitting pair. The following day he asked me if I'd be interested in a bonfire. Well, there was no fire, but we did join his friends for a late night adventure through the area. The next day I left for five days on Mt.Rainier. When I got down, Nate quickly agreed to a mini Vancouver Island road trip with me right away! From that point forward, we decided to try our hand at this adventurous partnership. He joined me on a trip to Ecuador three months later and I moved in right after that. We've been together ever since journeying up mountains, climbing rocks, traveling to new countries, kayaking across open waters, to simply camping and hiking with our dog at local spots. Nate and I are very excited to continue this journey together in marriage and see what new adventures we'll find there!

For all the days along the way
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