Natchaya & Thanh


Natchaya Suaysompol


Thanh Le

April 8, 2023

Los Angeles, CA

How We Met

Like many modern day love stories, Natchaya and Thanh met online during the the summer of 2018 in the magical city of Baton Rouge, LA. Thanh knew he had to swipe right when he saw Natchaya's unique collection of photos of her family, friends, travel, animals, and trees. Natchaya decided to swipe right when she read that Thanh loved to make omelettes. To this day, she is still waiting for Thanh to make her an omelette. One week after meeting online, Natchaya and Thanh had their first meet up at Highland Coffee. To calm his nerves, Thanh ordered a hot coffee at 6pm in the middle of August in the hot and humid Baton Rouge. A fun and frenetic conversation about food, traveling, and dogs took place. Many conversations later, Thanh and Natchaya are still happily talking about the same things.

The Proposal

Natchaya and Thanh got engaged on Sunday June 5th, 2022. While on a short vacation in New York City (one of Natchaya's favorite cities), Thanh planned an intimate proposal for her in the middle of Central Park. Unfortunately, he did not know that Central Park in June would be extremely busy! He led a confused Natchaya around the lake in Central Park for over 20 minutes until they finally found a secluded spot. After a poor attempt to recite a speech he had previously memorized, Thanh popped the big question! After looking around for a photographer who was not there, Natchaya thankfully said yes. Afterward, they celebrated by taking a romantic boat tour around the NY waterways (Husdon River, East River, and New York Harbor) and, of course, eating Thai food for dinner.

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