we're getting married!


Natalie Jones


Lennox Kohn

November 17, 2023

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Natalie and Lennox's Story

Years before they met, Natalie and Lennox were in each other's orbit though they didn't yet know it. Between the King Street bars, fraternity and sorority functions, and Addlestone Library (Natalie more so than Lennox), the pair never met until both had graduated and Natalie visited a friend in Washington, D.C., where Lennox lived and worked after school. Their love was born as Natalie watched Lennox eat his favorite, chicken and waffles, at brunch while she had a salad. During their first date at The Jefferson, Lennox joked that the two would get married. Little did he know how right he was. Following that date, and a flurry of others in which the pair explored the Capital city, Natalie moved to D.C. in January of 2019, their love story officially began. Whether it was a Tuesday night or a celebratory dinner, Natalie and Lennox spent every last dime they had on fine dining (You gotta understand, Lennox needed to impress Natalie quickly). Rarely leaving each other's side, the pair discovered they were truly meant to be together. They took joy in cooking dinners at home, going on walks around the National Mall, and making life long memories with some of their best friends. COVID brought Natalie and Lennox back home to the Carolinas after one short year in D.C. where they have established their home in Charlotte. They went on an unforgettable European holiday, hiking the Swiss Alps, exploring the Mediterranean, and getting engaged in Natalie's favorite city, Florence, Italy. Natalie said "YES!" under a canopy of cypress trees in the Boboli Gardens. Natalie and Lennox are getting hitched in the place it all (should have) started, Charleston on Friday November 17, 2023. They can't wait to share the most important moment of their lives with the people they love the most.