Andrew and Natalie


Andrew Orsag


Natalie Harper

December 10, 2022

How it happened:

All we can say is... we had nothing to do with it.

People often say that you will find your person when you stop looking. As cliche as that saying is... our story proves its validity. God had been doing big behind-the-scenes work in us individually, before He ever put us on each other's hearts. After half a year of acquaintanceship with a mutual respect for each other's character, God tapped us both on the shoulder and the scales fell from our eyes. I (Natalie) sat on a front porch of a cabin under a chilly Kentucky night sky and prayed to the Lord saying, "If I can have him, I will." Not a few days later, Andrew heard a whisper asking, "What about Natalie Harper?" Neither of us was looking for each other, but over the months, Jesus knit our hearts together with little to no striving on our part. With similar passions for discipleship and ministry, as well as a seamless ease when in each other's company, it was quickly realized that we were formed from the same clay. We're odd and quirky and not a little dramatic, but we fit together like nothing we've ever known. Our desire in vowing ourselves to each other is to grow in the realization of God's goodness to us and to show that goodness to many more who have yet to understand. What peace we have to know that it was our Lord who brought us together and our Lord who will keep us so. Thank you for celebrating what the Lord has done for and in us. Undeserving as ever, but we are eternally thankful for such a gracious gift we have found in each other. - Andge and Nat