Alex & Gina


Alex Mazurek


Gina Nappi

May 17, 2025

Littleton, CO
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Our Story

Gina Slid Into the Zoom DMs Mid-Pandemic

In September 2020, Alex and Gina both attended an online learning summit through their business coach. Though they worked for the same company, had mutual friends, and had heard of each other, they knew no specifics other than where the other was from (Alex, from Colorado, and Gina, from New Jersey). A few hours into their Zoom event, Gina made the first move and messaged Alex with a "Hey, I like your reflections. We should get a call after this to compare notes." Alex responded with his number, and they had a 1on1 Zoom just a few days later where Alex came fully prepared with his notes (and to Gina's dismay, minimal flirting). They shared some text messages back and forth; but eventually, their communication sort of fizzled. While vacationing in Key West a few months later, Gina met another man from Colorado who invited her out to visit Boulder, CO. Living for spontaneity, mountains, and adventures her answer was an immediate yes and within a few days had a flight and Airbnb booked. But after returning home, things took a turn and Gina realized she had nothing in common with her vacation crush. She had two choices; either cancel her trip, or stick with the itinerary (minus the guy) for some soul-searching time. She texted Alex for his opinion (hoping he might be free?) and he immediately responded "KEEP EVERYTHING BOOKED. COME OUT." 2 days into her solo trip, Alex picked her up from her Airbnb in Boulder to head to Glenwood Springs Hot Springs, where they had their first date. They spent the 2.5 hr car ride into the mountains sharing stories of their families, upbringings, values, and ambitions. They added in an amusement park trip where they bonded over their love for fun and adventure, and watched one of the most incredible sunsets either of them had ever seen from the Gondola connected to the amusement park peak. The entire 2.5 hr ride home they had a dance party, and Alex woo'd Gina with his angelic voice. <3 :) A few days later, Gina flew back to NJ and Alex followed to the East Coast just a week later to celebrate New Years with Gina (and her family). After bonding over MUCH more dancing, and many shared interests and life perspectives, Gina and Alex knew they had found their person. Not sure how they'd make the cross-country relationship work, both committed to always having their very next flight booked and allowing God to lead the rest of the way. 6 months later, Gina moved to Denver, where they now live happily as ever with their 2 dogs (Walter and Ruthie), and their Cat (Olive), grateful each day for all of the stars that had to align to make their life together possible. :)

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