Mr. and Mrs. Conners

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Michelle West


Christian Conners

November 8, 2024

Tomball, Texas
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How We Met

Christian and Michelle met through Facebook in 2021 amidst COVID dating. Somehow, neither one of them know, they became friends on the social site and after what seemed like stalking, (by Michelle...) Christian decided that if she could like this many of his posts, and still not have unfriended him with all of his nonsense, he might have a chance. So he decided to message her. Christian invited Michelle to hang out many times, and yet each time she had some dumb excuse like "she needed to wash her fishes hair...", then one day she finally said yes. On that fateful day, he invited her to his house for dinner. She went, even though she wasn't sure if this was a good idea, (Michelle watched too many true crime documentaries, but took the chance). From that moment on they never looked back. And now, three years later, many many questions about when they would be getting married, and many "you better not do anything to lose hers/ hims", they are FINALLY becoming Mr. and Mrs. Conners!

For all the days along the way
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