Emily Elizabeth & Matthew Ernest


Matthew Ernest Fleisher


Emily Elizabeth Morse



September 15


How We Met

September 15, 2022

Matthew sent a message to Emily on eHarmony dating app. They chatted about nursing, hobbies, and church. Matthew asked Emily to meet up for coffee.

First Date

September 19, 2022

Matthew and Emily met at a Starbucks in Houston in the evening after Emily finished work. Matthew was late and he paid for Emily's coffee - which Emily regrets getting coffee that late in the evening! Emily "accidently " called Matthew several days later after their date just to chat. This started their schedule of dates on most Mondays and Fridays to various locations across Houston.

Started Dating

October 3, 2022

Matthew and Emily started officially dating while attending an Astros game. The Astros lost that night but this night was a win for love!

Meeting Emily's Family

October 23, 2022

Matthew met Emily's church family and parents all on the same day. In the weeks following, there were other meals and meetings planned for Matthew to meet more of Emily's friends and family. At the end of the evening, Matthew said he loved Emily for the first time.

Meeting Matthew's Family

March 2 - 6, 2023

In November 2022, Emily went to Matthew's church to meet his church family. Other meetings where planned for Emily to meet Matthew's friends and coworkers the following weeks and months. In March, Matthew and Emily traveled to California for Emily meet to Matthew's family. They stayed in Sacramento, visited Santa Cruz beach and Old Town Sacramento.


March 24, 2023

Matthew planned the whole day with the help of Eunice, Julie, and Lindsey. The girls started the day at Emily's apartment where they completed crafty, Disney themes projects, then went to lunch at Mia's Table. The girls then took Emily to get a manicure and boba tea. Finally, the girls brought Emily back to her apartment where Matthew set out candles and rose petals to recreate the proposal scene from the TV show Friends. He even played part of that scene before he bent down on a knee to ask Emily to marry him. Emily said YES! Matthew and Emily welcomed the girls into the apartment to celebrate and take pictures of the newly engaged couple. Matthew and Emily ended the day by going to Los Tios to celebrate.

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