Morrighan Storey


Kyle Daugherty


July 5, 2024

Chesterland, OH
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The Storey of the Daughertys

How these two fell in love

Morrighan and Kyle's story started at the mall of all places. They were both with some friends at the food court grabbing a bite to eat and happened to sit down at tables next to each other. They got to talking and Kyle asked Morrighan for her number. They got to talking and Kyle asked her on a date. It was the best first date Morrighan had ever been on. After kicking Kyle's butt in Mario Kart, he owed her ice cream. They got some Dairy Queen and sat talking in the movie theater parking lot. Kyle said something sweet, leaned in for the kiss, and the rest is history. Throughout their relationship, these two have dealt with long distance. No matter what, they made it work and still found ways to fall more in love with one another. They truly are the best of friends and have proven that opposites do attract. No matter what these two are doing, they have fun with it. No one can make Morrighan laugh like Kyle does and no one knows Kyle better than Morrighan. He puts up with her obsession with carbs and cheesy romantic things, and she is there to calm him down when his favorite sports team is losing. These two can't wait to start their married life together and to fill it with more inside jokes, unfair tickle fights, and laughing so hard they end up in tears.

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