Morgan & Jared







July 15, 2023

Raleigh, NC
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How We Met


We met on an airplane. Jared had been in Mississippi for his mom's birthday and I had been skiing in West Virginia with Caroline. We were both flying back to Wilmington, NC and had a layover in Charlotte, NC. We ended up having seats next to each other. I thought he was super cute so I "accidently" elbowed him when I went to get my book (modified 'bend-and-snap' from Legally Blonde) to gently open the door for conversation. Jared waited until we got off the airplane to ask for my number and we went on our first date about a week later.

The Proposal


Jared surprised me with a trip to Iceland 24 hours before our flight was set to leave RDU. We flew into Reykjavik, hopped in our rental our, and took off road tripping along Ring Road on the Southern Coast. Our Airbnb was near Skogafoss Waterfall and we decided to save all the nearby waterfalls for our last morning in the Southern Region before trekking up to the North Western Coast. We got up early to beat the crowds and knocked out several waterfalls. It was time to warm up a little and grab some much needed coffee, so we stopped back by the precious cafe near Skogafoss Waterfall where they served Jared coffee in a cute little pink tea cup. There was one last waterfall to see before leaving that was a little off the beaten path and required a short hike from the cafe. We were behind Kvernufoss Waterfall and Jared suggested we take a picture. He was setting up his iphone "timer" and I was putting our gloves below the phone because I was scared it was going to fall and break. We went to pose in front of the camera and wait for the "timed photos" (he had turned on the video and was able to record the whole proposal). After a few moments, I went back to grab the phone to make sure it wouldn't fall and Jared said, "hey, come look at this rock." It's a tradition my grandmother taught me where you collect one rock from places you don't want to forget. I went back to where Jared was standing to search for this rock. And I heard him say, "what about this rock?" When I turned around he was on one knee. We can't wait to celebrate this next chapter with you!