Molly & Thomas


Thomas Morrison


Molly Bonk

April 13, 2024

Jacksonville Beach, FL
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How We Met


Molly and I matched on the dating app Hinge. After talking to each other for a while we realized we had so much in common that we had to meet. Our first date was at the brewery Hyperion in Molly’s neighborhood. I came directly from work wearing a suit (I used to be fancy). Molly and I got to know each other over a beer when we quickly realized that we were a part of a viewing of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Surrounded by super fans throwing rice and dancing to the time warp we laughed as neither of us had ever seen the whole movie. After some time passes I realized that I wanted to get to know Molly more and wouldn’t be able to talk to her while Meatloaf was belting out a song. I asked if she wanted to sneak out and get a pizza across the street. She thought I would never ask. Since then we have enjoyed laughing together and rolling with the punches and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

The Proposal


We bought our first home together in Atlantic Beach back in April 2022. We would take our dog, Novak to the beach after work on occasion. Fast forward to a year of living together, our beach walks became more of a weekend thing. So on a Wednesday when Thomas texted me to say he really wanted to take a walk on the beach after work, I thought ‘hmm we haven’t done that in a while’ but didn’t think much of it, just that it sounded like a nice idea! Shortly after getting home from work Thomas comes home (a hour earlier than usual ..hmmm..) and is all “ok let’s go to the beach, are you ready now? Let’s go!!” We put on Novaks leash and were on our way. Once at the beach Thomas starts jogging ahead of me before we are off the walkway. Naturally, Novak starts running too and once I turn the corner I see Thomas getting on his knee and the words ‘Marry Me’ lit up on the sand. Easiest yes ever!!! After corralling a willing stranger for some photos, we continued our beach walk, grateful to get to experience this life together. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you at the beach!!

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