Misbah & Munaf


Curved Lines

Misbah Mukhi


Munaf Maredia

March 18, 2023

Rosharon, TX

How We Met


Our story begins at another wedding in April 2016. From across the ballroom, Munaf saw a girl in a blue and white lehenga. He asked his cousin if that girl was seeing anyone and confirmed 3 days later the she was single. Munaf decided to shoot his shot. He pulled up Facebook Messenger and sent the first message...

How She Asked Him Out


Misbah was uncertain at first. It took her a lot of time, but, as they spent more time together, she eventually felt her feelings grow for Munaf. She found a friend in Munaf. He became the first person she wanted to spend her free time with, someone she wanted talk to about the latest anime she had watched, and even rant to about her latest life challenges. Exactly one year later after the day Munaf had sent his first message to her on Facebook Messenger, Misbah called Munaf to the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin. She read him a letter about how much he meant to her, then she asked him a question which changed everything..."Will you be my boyfriend?" Munaf thought for less than half a second and replied with a simple yet energetic "Yes!"

How He Proposed


Five years of dating later...Munaf made plans with Misbah to go to the beach in Houston which was strange to Misbah because this was the second time that week Munaf had talked about going to the beach. His plans were normally spontaneous, so she knew something was up. They went to the beach and splashed around amongst the waves. As the sun started to set, Munaf suggested walking along the beach and taking some pictures. After they had changed into dry clothes, they started taking pictures on their phones and walked along the beach towards a picnic. Munaf pulled out a ring, gave his speech, and then popped the biggest question of his life, "Will you marry me?" And Misbah replied with a heartfelt "Yes!"

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