Jason Minardi


Sofia Perrotta

April 6, 2024

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Our Story

Our journey begins March 28th of 2021. Like many people these days we met online. First, because who has the time to go sit at a bar to casually meet people, right? And second, the world was still falling apart at the end of 2021 so there weren't many opportunities to go out and meet the love of your life... However, we went out for drinks and we both quickly realized the connection. Not only was a romance stirring up but something much more valuable was beginning, a true friendship. The next 8 months were incredible but like many true love stories, some things weren't perfect and we ended up growing apart and breaking up for a period of time. Like many relationships, when you have someone in your life that forces you to grow, sometimes that grow can be painful. The next year resulted in a lot of growth. Sofia completed her masters and started a new job while Jason went back to college, completed his bachelors and started a whole new career. We never really lost sight of each other and eventually we grew close again, making the rest history.

Qualities We Both Value

Having a relationship with God, strong family values, enjoying life... and always having a trip planned!

Jason & Sofia

If you know Sofia then you know how much her family means to her. Even though they all live around the world they still maintain a strong family connection. These family values stood out to Jason the most, especially when he sees Sofia interact with Miryn, Jason's 9 year old daughter. Miryn and Sofia love each other so much and it's no wonder she has been able to step right into a mother figure in Miryn's life. From making milk squirt out of Miryn's nose while telling a joke, to nicknaming Jason "Alvin" from the chipmunks (because apparently he has fluffy cheeks) the laughter never stops. Oh the many things that can be said about Jason. If you know him you know how loving he is. He has made himself available to Sofia in many ways but the most important one is that he has become her partner in crime and true best friend. Jason has been able to stand by her side in times of joy, like the time they took a last minute Christmas trip to Disney World, to moments of sadness, such as the loss of one of Sofia's puppies. Jason has been there for Sofia throughout all circumstances and has made it a point to remind her every day that they are a team and together they will reach every goal, overcome every obstacle and make every dream a realty as long as they do it together. Having a solid foundation in Christ and His word is a priority for them both. They both have different upbringings in their faith thorough Catholicism and Christianity but have realized they both developed the same love for God and value the importance of maintaining a relationship with Him

Thank You!

This is the first chapter of our story and we are looking forward to spending it and celebrating it with you on our wedding day. Thank you for being part of it all!

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