Kswanna & Mikhail


Mikhail Henlon


Kswanna Letsinger

November 3, 2023

Richmond, VA
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Love Story

Like many love stories, Kswanna and Mikhail had no idea they were going to find their happily-ever-after on New Year's Eve. Unlike many love stories, their union lasted well past their fate-sealed midnight kiss. You might be wondering how we got here–let’s rewind back to 2017. Kswanna arrives in Vegas with Wad to celebrate her birthday and ring in the new year. After a winter storm spoiled the previous year’s celebrations, Kswanna was determined to make the most of her upcoming birthday in a warm environment–thus, Vegas! Luckily enough, Kswanna’s childhood friend, Diamond, was a resident of the Entertainment Capital of the World, and welcomed both girls into her home for the celebratory week. What everyone in this story didn’t know is that in just a couple of days, New Year's Eve was going to be the most perfect of nights. The night finally arrives, and upon entering club Love, Diamond notices Mikhail admiring Kswanna. Soon thereafter, they were dancing and talking the night away. As the countdown to the new year began, the guys ran off to find champagne, and made it back just in time for the fireworks display to start. While overlooking the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, Kswanna shared a New Year's kiss with Mikhail, sealing their fate as a match made in heaven. Mikhail and Kswanna spent the rest of the night discussing their dreams, aspirations, and giggling in excitement. Their effortless conversation made it seem like the night would never end. And when it eventually did, Mikhail surprised Kswanna with a call the next day where they picked up exactly where they left off–laughing, debating, and falling in love. Despite the logistical challenges of a bi-coastal relationship, Mikhail and Kswanna knew they had something special. Something worth the work and the effort. They found creative ways to stay connected – virtual date nights, watching movies together via video calls, and ordering from the same restaurant. The endless phone calls, text messages, and video chats until they fell asleep solidified their dedication to this relationship. Even the distance couldn’t keep these two apart as they managed to take trips to see each other in their hometowns, and meet up on vacations in places like Jamaica and Mexico. Years later, Kswanna and Mikhail went from being long-distance lovers to living together in sunny California. They quickly fell into a comfortable routine together. Distance may have made their hearts grow fonder, but living together ensured their love could last forever. Throughout their relationship they have supported each other through career advancements, personal developments, and emotional challenges. Over the past six years, we have all been witness to the growth, perseverance, and dedication of Mikhail and Kswanna’s love. Now, years later, they are solidifying their beautiful union, grateful for that chance encounter in Vegas that changed their lives forever. Thank you for joining them on their special day. -Author: Wad K.