Mike & Sara

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Sara Simpson


Mike McDaniel



July 1

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How We Met


Mike and Sara met at a Vegas Golden Knights cast Halloween Party hosted by Sara at her parents house. To set the scene Mike was dressed as "white trash" with a handle bar mustache and drawn on tattoos. Sara was dressed as a "mad scientist" with a tight white dress and black thigh high boots. Match made in heaven right?? They didn't hit it off that night but later Sara slid into Mikes instagram DM. Their first date Sara still wasn't sold. It wasn't till their second date when Mike met Sara up in Brian Head to go snowboarding for the day that Sara began to fall. Since that day they've never looked back. From quarantine, renovating their first home, 8 weddings, 16 road trips, and getting a new puppy Sara and Mike are ready for their next chapter together.