Margaret and Michael


Margaret Burdue


Michael Vosicky

May 6, 2023

Downers Grove, IL
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First Impressions


We met online and did not think much of it, until we discovered that our natural easiness was not that of a one-night-stand, but of a lifelong trust. We soon deleted our online dating profiles and never looked back- it was the best way to save $10/month ;). Covid was a difficult time for everyone but it made one thing clear to us...we could spend weekends in an apartment together and then spend two-weeks apart without feeling like we missed a beat. It was an interesting time to get to know a new person but it allowed us to "skip to the good stuff" and ignore all traditional dating rules and just get to be together. Covid also gave us plenty of time to learn. I learned how to talk on the phone, he learned never to expect me on time. He taught me how to make cookies, I taught him how to change his definition of how chicken tacos are made. We challenged each other and we learned how to meet challenges. It was great, it continues to be great. And now, we want you to come join in on the greatness. We can't wait to celebrate with you.