Michelle & Randall



Randall Massey


Michelle Kasperski



October 13


How We Met

The Bride and Groom's story began in June 2020. In the midst of COVID, Randall and Michelle met in waterfront Georgetown. They can’t remember who asked and who answered, but the question started with if they wanted to grab dinner and drinks. The answer was yes. As the night went on, they continued to talk and laugh, and before they knew it (and in the midst of COVID), it seemed each place they stopped at was closing. They ended up walking around and talking the whole night. Despite his hectic work travel schedule, he asked for a second date and she said yes. After the second, there was a third and many after. Their first kiss was in front of a brick State Farm Insurance in Clarendon (although she was really hoping for a kiss the date before), and a couple months later, they made their relationship official while discussing something in his apartment bathroom (neither can remember what was being talked about). Between 3 days or 3 months of dating (it’s still contested between the two), Michelle accidentally said "I love you" to Randall as she was leaving his car one night while he was dropping her off. He remembers the moment vividly and never lets her forget it. He often teases her about it, playfully reminding her of the time she accidentally said "I love you" and ran away. He made her laugh until she cried, or nearly couldn't move, almost every day. He taught her how to build her first computer, and when she needed a special CPU, he woke up at 7am one morning after a midnight shift just so he could drive her to the store and make sure she got exactly what she needed. At the six-month mark of their relationship, around Thanksgiving, she decided to bake him a sweet potato pie. He told his parents about it; however, he didn't reveal her name to them. Instead, they affectionately referred to her as "Sweet Potato Pie Girl” and the nickname stuck. From then on, he would often drop by her apartment unannounced to pick her up or just give her kisses when coming home from work trips, and she loved each one. She learned to lift weights so they could work out together and spend more time before his late night shifts. He accepted more butter in his diet, and she came over to make him dinners at 10pm. They each found ways to be together, even when their schedules didn't always align. The Bride and Groom continued to make little sacrifices for each other that didn't feel like sacrifices at all. They were committed to making their relationship a priority despite their busy work lives. Eventually, they decided to take the next step and moved in together. They quickly settled into their new home, and it wasn't long before she asked to expand their little family. He said yes, and they adopted Apollo, a sweet and opinionated yellow Labrador, who quickly became the second love of their lives. Soon after adopting Apollo, Randall had another question. He asked her to marry him. And as always, the answer was yes.