We're thrilled to celebrate our Covenant Marriage Ceremony with you!
We're thrilled to celebrate our Covenant Marriage Ceremony with you!

Emily & Michael


We’re getting married - again!

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Emily Bennett


Michael Northcutt

July 8, 2023

Bennett, NC

How We Met

Online Dating: It's all fun and games until someone buys a plane ticket!

“You have a new message,” read Emily. After glancing at her phone, she quickly picked it up and clicked on the Facebook notification. “Who is Michael Northcutt?” she questioned. Clicking through his profile, she recognized a mutual friend- Tiffany Downs. Without skipping a beat, Emily messaged her friend…”Do you know a guy named Michael Northcutt?” “Sure do! He’s my nephew” Tiffany responded. “Seriously, Tiff?!” Emily expressed half-heartedly. “I had nothing to do with it, Em. My husband heard our conversation from earlier this past week when we were praying for your husband. He took it upon himself to open his big mouth to Michael. ‘Hey man, you gotta check out this girl Emily Bennett, she’s amazing! Shawn said.’ Feeling obligated to be kind because Michael was family to Tiffany, Emily responded to the new message request. Little did she know, it was going to turn into an incredible love story. (We like to attribute this to the the Lord’s mysterious ways or sometimes known as Jehovah Sneaky!!) After a few days went by, Emily and Michael continued to message back and forth. They learned there was something special happening. Texts turned into phone calls, phone calls turned into FaceTime chats. Before long…they were both booked on airplanes to a conference all the way in Anaheim, California where they would meet for the first time in person at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

Meet the Parents

He's pretty handy!

Emily drove to Texas for a few weeks in November, stopping through Georgia to see Michael of course. Then stopping back in Macon on the the way home to North Carolina. Michael came for a visit at Thanksgiving to meet Emily’s family for the first time. Many miles apart, but they were making the relationship work! Of course, Michael had to install a new dishwasher for Emily’s mother (seeing he had to show off his man card and his skill set of luxury branded appliance repair). With an eye-roll, Emily expressed to her parents her embarrassment. “Can’t he just be here to relax and enjoy the family without working”. But Michael knew what he was doing all along! He won their hearts and shortly after the parents gave their approval.

We're Engaged!

7 Months Later

After long-distance dating for seven months, Michael helped Emily pack from Texas and move back to North Carolina in March. While they were attending a 100x Kingdom Entrepreneurial Conference, they both felt it was time to get married. With many confirmations during that week, it was time for Michael to talk to Mr. Bennett. After the parents approval, Michael and Emily were so excited to start talking about the wedding. See, they believe that when the Lord says to move - its time to get going! They felt April was the time to get engaged AND married! So, Michael popped the question to Emily on April 1, 2023! Yes, you read that - APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

"For Such a Time as This"

Why Wait? Let's Get Married!

After speaking to Mike and Carol about giving their blessing to marry Emily, Michael proposed the idea to be married on April 7, 2023. Wait, they got married SEVEN days after being engaged! You got that right! With so many family members being out of state with graduations, celebrations and other events - they decided to have a small ceremony. Pastor Michael Bennett officiated the wedding of his daughter Emily Bennett and Michael Northcutt. Present at the small ceremony were Carol Bennett, Nancy Turnage, and Olivia and Richard Marx. What a perfect way to get things going! 7 people in the party, getting married on the 7th day of the month, and having the ceremony at 4:14 pm...remember the significance of the 4:14 Conference - "For Such a Time as This!" Michael and Emily drove off to the Outer Banks, NC for a quiet honeymoon weekend.

Time to Celebrate!

The Covenant Marriage

So, now that you know the storyline, Emily and Michael would love for you to attend the Covenant Ceremony. We didn't want to leave anyone out! Each one of you have played a wonderful role in Michael and Emily's lives. They wouldn't want you to miss the opportunity to celebrate what God has brought together in the covenant of marriage.

For all the days along the way
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