Mia & Dan



Dan Nolan


Mia Brabham


September 3, 2023

Dripping Springs, TX
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How We Met

July 2016.

On Mia's first day of work as a video editor at Monumental Sports & Entertainment, all of her new colleagues kept asking, "Have you met the producer Dan Nolan yet? Y'all are, like, the same person." After Dan returned from vacation with his sister, Jess, and came down to the editor's basement to say hi, they were inseperable. Group work hangouts turned to solo hangouts, and one night, they realized they had hung out every single day for three weeks straight and didn't want to stop. After many Capitals watch parties, Wizards games, live-band karaoke nights in the basement of Hill Country BBQ, and months of keeping their relationship from HR, they decided to make things official.

The Proposal

June 2022.

Dan surprised Mia with Chelsea Handler tickets in DC during his 30th birthday weekend. They planned a trip back to their old stomping grounds, but little did Mia know (okay, she had an idea), Dan got down on one knee as they took their favorite walk through Navy Yard. Mia forgot to stand up and Dan was a little far away, but it was perfectly imperfect — and very them. We're so excited to celebrate the next chapter of our lives with you. See you in Texas!