Casandra & Corey


Casandra Merz


Corey Dailey

April 14, 2023

Richboro, PA
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Our Story

In the Spring of 2019, Casey and Corey met through the very sophisticated and serious dating site Tinder (LOL). After talking for several weeks, Corey decided to ask Casey out on a date. They met at Miller's Ale House for dinner on May 4th, their first official date! Just a few short hours later Corey asked Casey out again for their second date ... to get tacos and margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Casey and Corey then spent that summer getting to know one another and going on many outings together. By early Fall, Casey and Corey both knew that they were meant for each other. Fast forward to the summer of 2020, Casey and Corey moved into their first apartment together, in the middle of a pandemic no less! This next year would be filled with lots of new and exciting adventures, as well as moments that showed them just how important it was that they had one another. It also included plenty of Taco Bell runs! By July of 2021, Corey asked Casey to go ring shopping with him, to which she very eagerly agreed. During the next several months Casey patiently waited (patiently ... really?) for Corey to pop the big question and to start planning their wedding.

The Proposal

On September 4th, 2021, Corey proposed to Casey! Under the guise of a Labor Day picnic, Corey invited Casey to his grandparents' house for a backyard cookout and then put his plan into action. After mysteriously disappearing for a few minutes, Corey returned and proceeded to get down on one knee and ask Casey to marry him as his family surrounded him. Unbeknownst to Casey, Corey had already asked her father for her hand in marriage and had arranged for her parents to watch his proposal on facetime. Struggling to keep his secret, they could barely contain their excitement in anticipation of his upcoming proposal! Despite saying otherwise, Corey was totally acting weird and nervous, and Casey totally knew something was up!

A Note From Us

We are so excited to share this special day with all of you as we pledge our love to one another. We have spent the last year and a half planning a day that will bring together two wonderful families and celebrate the love we have for one another. We hope that this day brings plenty of smiles, happy tears, full bellies, and lots of dancing! We can't wait to see you there!