Melanie & William

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October 28, 2023

Topsfield, Massachusetts
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It was a usual weekend up at camp for us, planning to hike the "Boott spur" trail towards Mount Isolation. Driving to the trail head we were super pumped to get this hike in, as I had done it a week before with Lilly and just knew I had to bring Will up this mountain. Will wasn’t acting too strange, but I definitely knew something was up during our drive. During the hike, we were just focusing on climbing. Once at the top, we enjoyed the summit views and snowcapped Mount Washington, ate some snacks & breathed in the fresh mountain air. I usually carry a tripod with me, so Will offers to set it up. He told me to walk towards the view and stand with my back to him so we could get a photo of us. After a minute or two of him getting everything together I feel his hand on my back as he pulls me to face him. I awkwardly go in for a hug but shortly realized.; THIS WAS IT. The absolute love of my life was proposing to me, on-top of a freaking mountain! He says some sweet words (I’ll spare you all the details) and gets down on one knee and before I even said yes, I was dropping to the ground, hugging him in disbelief.