Our wedding

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Melanie Neal


Sean Perhacs

September 2, 2023

Ripley, NY
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How We Met


Although our first memory of knowing each other comes from Psychology class in high school, we never really crossed paths until 2018. Melanie had clients who attended the school where Sean works and the two often had interactions about the students. Little did they each know that the other one was hiding some extra feelings the whole time! We exchanged occasional text messages, but usually kept it work related.

First Date


After roughly a year and a half of each of us having feelings, Sean decided to ask Melanie on a date, while in his office at the end of a stressful work day (how romantic!). As surprised as Melanie was when Sean asked her, Sean was equally as surprised when she said she would love to! On the day of our first date, Melanie changed outfits 20 times and Sean brought his car to Delta Sonic in fear that there would not be a second date if Melanie saw the Gatorade bottles, energy drinks, or hockey sticks in the car. We enjoyed a dinner at Colao's that was filled with endless conversation and laughs. After dinner, we went to Jr's Last Laugh Comedy Club, which is now Kellar's Magic and Comedy Club. Although Jr's is no longer around, it holds a very special place in our hearts. We have so many memories to look back on, but our first date is always one of our favorites.

The Proposal


On a rainy summer day, Sean had planned (with the help of future sister in laws Melissa and Amy) to propose to Melanie while on a hike at our favorite spot, Asbury Woods. The hike was planned for 3:00, which is the exact time it started to rain that day. It took A LOT of convincing to get Melanie to hike once it started raining. Amy and Melissa joined us on the hike, and once we got to the bridge, Sean proposed to Melanie, where she said "Yes!"