Meghan & Jeremiah

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October 7

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How we met...

Some call it meant to be, but we call it fate

Many of you have heard this story and we have even had people ask if its a real is in fact very true.....Jay and I had met at a birthday part a few months prior to this event taking place. He had given me his number, but I wasn't really looking at that point. Jay was working with my best friend's husband Howie. Howie happened to mention my name and that I was looking for someone. Jay's response was "I don't know why she's looking, I'm right here." At the same time, he started texting who he thought was Howie's wife saying just that. turns out it was not Niki it was me! I picked up the phone and called Niki and said umm Jay Monk is texting me and he definitely does not know it's me. I think he thinks it's you. I don’t think Niki could keep it together she was laughing so hard. She text How asking is Jay was texting and if he was it was to Meghan. Needless to say they all got a good laugh. We text for some time until we finally were able to meet as COVID was taking over the world we were figuring out how to spend time together. The rest is history.