Todd & Megan







September 2, 2023

Buffalo, NY
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How They Met

They met at West Seneca West High School in 2007! They were classmates and became friends over the years, After high school they would see each other at friend's parties or summer events! In 2016, when Meg moved home from Rochester - she and Todd began getting closer and eventually went on a few dates! Love comes to you when you least expect it!

The Proposal

August 13th, 2021

They went on a weekend summer getaway to Canandaigua Lake. On Friday afternoon while walking by the lake and standing in the gazebo, Meg was looking out at the water and all of a sudden, Todd gets down on one knee. He says "You know I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and only you - forever, will you marry me?" Before anything else, Meg takes the ring and the box from Todd's hands and says YES! He placed the ring on her finger and the rest is history! They spent the weekend at dinners and wineries, enjoying the quality time together.

Our Home

Making a House a Home

Todd and Meg started the house hunting process in late 2019. With the pandemic hitting in early 2020 - the idea of becoming home owners became a far off dream. Luckily enough, in the summer of 2020 a neighbor let them know about their family member's home for sale. With the help and guidance from their parents and family members, Meg and Todd became home owners. By March 2022, they made the house their home with a bit of hard work and a whole lot of love. They are beyond grateful for their parents and siblings putting in so much time and effort to help make this dream become a reality.

Christmas 2021

Welcome, Twyla!

The best Christmas Gift! December 18th, Todd surprises Meg with a new puppy! They adopted Twyla from Open Arms Rescue. She comes from Tennessee with many brothers and sisters. Twyla turns 2 years old in September 2023, she weighs 60 pounds and is a very sweet and playful girl! Twyla was originally named "Kim" by the rescue and although she has similar traits to Kim Kardashian - her name was changed after going through a few options. Being adopted in December and her fur being black and white names such as Winter, Joy, Angel, and Snowball were in the mix, then Meg thought she reminded her of a twilight sky - bringing us to Twyla. The name is also from the show "Schitt's Creek" - one of their favorites.

Photography by

Kaitlyn Frank Photography @kaitlynfrankphoto