October 7, 2021
Richmond, VA

Megan & Drew


Lighted GarlandLighted Garland

Drew Basham


Megan Johnson



October 7



April 9th 2021

April 9th 2021. Drew requested a hike for his birthday. Megan suspected nothing; a week previously Drew had asked her what type of engagement ring she would even like, so she assumed he had not even ordered it yet. The day started off chilly, rainy, gloomy, but the two were happy to be in the car together heading towards the beautiful Shenandoah National Park about 2 hours from Richmond. Upon arrival, the National Park Ranger even suggested that they turn around and come back on a day with more visibility, but they didn't mind and just wanted to spend some time in the fresh air together. They parked and selected Lewis Falls Appalachian Trail which promised a waterfall. It was a quiet, peaceful hike and they talked about God, their future goals and how thrilling their life will be together. Upon hearing the waterfall in the distance, Megan was excited to set up a photoshoot as she frequently does on every hike... and Drew loves Megan, so he allows this. :) Prior to the hike, Drew challenged Meg to choose the ONE best location as to not torture him with photos.... Little did she know!! It was super foggy and cloudy at the peak of the fall, and Megan went to pose for Drew to set up the "perfect shot" for their couple photo. At this moment, the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the falls and mountain ranges below. It was breathtaking. Drew, behind her, said "Megan I have one last birthday request..." Megan, turning around (thinking he was going to request a new pair of socks haha!) saw Drew down on one knee, with a little box. "Will you marry me?". Megan is glad she didn't fall off the cliff; she was overjoyed with God's promises coming to fruition and giving Him endless thanks. She said YES in a flurry of tears and laughter. They got the perfect shots to capture their joy (see Photos tab). After the moment subsided, the clouds rolled back in and they headed down the mountain to call friends and family with the happy news.

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