Megan & Timm


Timm Clouse


Megan Smith

November 4, 2023

Minneapolis, MN
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How We Met

September, 2021

Megan and Timm met on a dating app. Timm was about ready to take a break from dating when he saw Megan’s profile and knew he wanted to talk to her. Megan had a gut feeling from when she first saw Timm’s profile that there was going to be a connection there—plus he had a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tattoo.

When We First Said “I Admonish You”

October, 2021

The couple knew how special their connection was, and they fell in love very quickly. But they didn’t want to admit it. They didn’t want to be “THOSE” people who said it so soon. And Timm especially had to save face because he had told Megan he wasn’t a very romantic person and that he probably wouldn’t have those kind of feelings unless they’d been together for 6 months to a year, if at all. But here he was, a week in, totally in love. So they started by saying “I appreciate you.” And then when Timm felt like appreciate wasn’t a strong enough word, but he didn’t want to say the L word, he tried to brainstorm. “Admire? Adore? Admonish?” Megan immediately teased him for not knowing what the word admonish meant and for misspeaking, so of course it stuck. “I admonish you.” A phrase for feelings that are too big for one word to capture.

She said “Yes!”

August, 2022

Let it be known that Timm had a plan for proposing to Megan! She was supposed to be going out of town that weekend for a friend’s bridal shower and he would be home alone with enough time to decorate the house with flowers and candles, to get Megan some of her favorite food (crab rangoons), to write a romantic letter, and to be down on a knee when Megan walked back in the door. But there were two problems with Timm’s plan: 1. Megan’s plans to attend the bridal shower fell through when her carpool buddy couldn’t go anymore. 2. The power of the batted eye. Timm’s biggest mistake was that he told Megan that the ring was ready and that he was going out to pick it up. So by the time he came back with the ring, Megan knew she was going to have it on her finger by the end of the night—even if Timm did not know yet. As soon as Timm walked in the door, Megan started batting her eyes at him with a big smirk, teasingly asking for the ring. Timm admitted his original plans fell through since Megan wasn’t leaving town anymore and now he didn’t know how to surprise her, but he wanted it to be perfect, and it was stressing him out. So Megan seized her opportunity and said “I really don’t care how you propose, it’s just a formality at this point.” And then she listed off a bunch of silly ideas on how Timm could propose so that she would make him laugh and remind him there wasn’t any real pressure. After awhile Timm did manage to surprise Megan, she hadn’t realized he had grabbed the ring while he was letting the dog out and she was placing an order for dinner, and he said “Well how about we make this how I propose then?” (He had made it three hours from when he came home with the ring before proposing, much as Megan expected.) After telling each other how much they loved each other and picking up their Thai food, they called their family and friends to share the good news!

When We Say “I Do”

November 4, 2023

We are so excited to have you join us in celebrating our wedding day! And we can’t wait to say “I Do!”