Megan & Justin

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Megan Truong


Justin Keaton

August 5, 2024

Snohomish, WA
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How We Met

I first met Justin after his friend Tyler recommended he apply for a position at my mother's newspaper delivery company. After being taken on a few training runs, my mom and Justin became fast friends. Justin was even invited over for the occasional meal with our family. He was also told under no circumstances could he ever date her daughter. There was something about Justin that I couldn't seem to get enough of though. I liked him from the moment we met, but like quickly turned into a work crush. He was incredibly funny and dorky and best of all, he had this incredibly infectious laugh that filled me with so much joy. It's silly, I found myself thinking of different ways I could make him laugh just so I could hear it again. But then... the rubber band war began. Justin decided to be extra flirty one morning and shot me in the behind with a rubber band. He has since told me that it was to get my attention (which he already had plenty of). Little did he know at the time, it would go from flirting to an all out war. We hid behind trash cans, under tables, and did the occasional walk by shooting. It was a game that required expecting the unexpected. However, after we hit each other in the eye a few times the war died out a bit... Once Justin got his first motorcycle, he needed a riding buddy and I was more than happy to oblige. So instead we started going on rides to Kayak Point and couldn't help talking for hours. After a while, even Debra couldn't deny the chemistry... and Justin asked to take me on a date the very next day.

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