Meesha & Paul


Meesha Mammen


Paul Wozniczka

September 23, 2023

Frisco, TX

How They Met

Their story begins on the dawn of a global pandemic. In March of 2020, they met online and talked for several weeks until things finally started to open up on Memorial Day weekend. Paul and Meesha enjoyed a long walk and then went out for dinner and drinks in what was the first of many dates to come. They took advantage of the near-empty restaurants and enjoyed going on different adventures all over Texas and a few other states. They have been pretty much inseparable ever since meeting and they are so excited to start this next chapter in their lives!

How He Proposed

They were in Aruba for Meesha's birthday and Paul was planning a big surprise. He kept making sure that the ring was in his pocket at all times... especially on the flight. Paul made reservations at a waterfront restaurant months earlier that has an amazing view. He still needed a spot to pop the question, so he reached out to a local photographer. Finally the plan was set. After dinner, they drove to a beautiful beach just before sunset. Meesha went to take some pictures of the water, and then Paul innocently went to set up his drone. Paul then got into position, launched the drone, checked his pocket for the 100th time that day, and he gave the signal to the photographer. Meesha turned around while facing the sunset at the perfect angle and he got down on his knee. She never saw it coming!

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