Meaghan & Geny







September 30, 2023

Felton, CA
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Their Story

Geny and Meaghan met while working at the Restaurant at COPIA in Napa, CA. Meaghan had just graduated from Sac State with a bachelors in Humanities, and Geny had been spending time perfecting his culinary skills after traveling much of the country for various jobs following his move from Mexico at 17 years old. If you ask Meaghan, she would say that she noticed him first and went to some pretty extreme lengths to get him to notice her. But him being the worker bee he is, he didn't notice her antics. It was not until Meaghan asked Geny's boss to give him her number that he decided to put himself out there and give her a call. And the rest, as they say, is history. One date in the parking lot of IN-N-OUT Burger was all it took for them to realize that they had a special connection. Sure, they spoke different languages, had to use Google translate A LOT, and were complete opposites, yet 6 years and one perfect baby boy later, their love and admiration for one another continues to grow. Let's face it, this wedding is way overdue, and we are so looking forward to celebrating our official union with all of you!