Meagan & Jeremiah

It’s Time To Get Married!


Jeremiah Compton


Meagan Strickland

October 5, 2024

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How Did We Meet?

Honestly? They met on Tinder! Meagan was originally on there to see if there was any chance of finding anything real and Jeremiah was on there to try to find his person. On a whim, they happened to match, and Jeremiah (after a few days of talking on Tinder) pulled out a cheesy, “I don’t have great service at work right now. Could I have your number?” Although Meagan didn’t normally give out her number, something about this man just struck her as trustworthy and worth the risk. Soon after, they set up a date to meet in person and the rest is history!

Please Note

If you do not receive an invitation, please know it is nothing personal. We have an extremely limited guest list to ensure our wedding stays within our budget. We wish that everyone could attend and will miss anyone who is unable to attend.