Jake & Meagan


Jake Selph


Meagan Josephs

April 6, 2024

Dallas, TX

Our Story

They started as friends in the same group -- the kind of friends who you don't really talk to but they're always around. Our relationship grew when Jake held onto a paddle board Meagan was using on a boat trip. They were friends for months after this. They would message each other songs from Spotify or make plans for the rest of the group. Though Meagan had thought she had made it abundantly obvious Jake didn't know she had a crush on him until they went salsa dancing in May 2021. Their friend, Omead, pushed her to dance with him all night. This changed the way he looked at her, and he acted very quickly to make himself available. They said we would take time before jumping into a relationship, fearing how their relationship would impact their friends. Soon after, they went on a study date. They stayed up all night talking and never parted after.