Kelsey & Cody

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Cody Ortner


Kelsey McAdams

August 10, 2024

Milwaukee, WI
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How We Met

We met on a dating app in the early Fall of 2021. We began getting to know each other through our love of sports, and different TV shows that we were currently watching. As we began getting to know each other, we learned that we were both at the same Brewer playoff games, but Cody was too scared to meet up during the games because he was with friends, and in his words “a little too intoxicated” to make a proper first impression. We continued to talk and began learning about our favorite shows that we were currently watching. Ted Lasso came out a few months prior, and Cody had already watched the first season and talked about how much he loved it, and convinced Kelsey to start it as well even though she is not a soccer fan at all. Even though we didn’t meet in person yet, we would watch episodes together by making sure we would start episodes at the same time and text each other as we watched it. To say it was an unusual start to getting to know someone is an understatement, but an incredible way to get to know our personalities (Thank you Ted Lasso). Finally after a couple of weeks and an entire season of Ted Lasso, we decided to go on our first date together at Eagle Park Brewery and Distillery in Muskego for dinner and drinks. By then we knew enough about each other that we had conversations about anything and everything and it felt natural. We both felt like we knew each other for a long time, even though we were meeting for the very first time.

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