Mckenzie & Bodie


This is my beloved and this is my friend. Song of Solomon 5:16

Bodie Vegely


Mckenzie Vegely

April 15, 2023

Tulare, CA

Our First Date

January 27, 2017

After a year or two following one another on social media, and a month or more of having mutual friends trying to set us up - we finally went on our first date! Bodie picked me up that Friday night to go get frozen yogurt and we sat eating it and talking in his truck for hours. During those conversations, our connection was easily noticed. It was easy; we laughed, opened up, talked about our faith, and both quickly realized that we should have gone on this date long beforehand. By the end of the night, we were left feeling excited, giddy, and ready for the next date and not wanting that one to end. The next day was quickly a test and turning point for our new friendship/interest in one another. Unfortunately, Bodie's grandpa, Poppy (Art Rodriguez), had a heart attack. Instead of this driving us apart, it lead us to lean into one another more than we could have ever imagine. We talked, prayed together, and bonded over the loss of such a loved one. Having a loss this close and impactful was a pain that I had once endured when I lost my mom. So we both believe that God brought us together during that painful time to remind us that He promises beauty for ashes - there will be pain, but there will be joy.

The Years

The past 5 years

Since we met, we have pursued all our dreams together and have been each other's biggest supporters. From finding which degree to pursue to playing baseball in Kentucky - we have always rooted for each other's successes! These past five years have thrown almost everything at us and have had us feel anger, pain, sorrow, and loss - but the most consistent thing of all has been our way of somehow always finding laughter, giddiness, joy, and love in the midst of it all.

The Proposal

July 21st, 2022

Backstory: Bodie took us on our first camping trip late July to early August in 2017. We went to Lee Vining and I immediately fell in love with that high country and especially with Lundy Lake. I even made a comment to him that I would love to get proposed to or married there one day. We also laugh about it to this day because surprisingly I got lucky and out fished him for the weekend. He was shocked, I wasn't ;) Haha! We created a joke that whenever we went fishing, he always asked me if I wanted him to cast and those who know me, know how stubborn I am. I would always reply saying that, "I didn't need help!" and "If he helped me cast, then it wouldn't count when I actually caught the fish." So after nearly 5 years with my stubborn, yet successful fishing skills - I finally caught the best catch of my life time! The Story: Bodie orchestrated a camping trip for us to on with his parents and my dad, like we have talked about for many many years! Bruce, Lori, and Bodie arrived before my Dad, Ava, and I. That early evening, after setting up camp at the Lundy Lake Campground, we decided to "go let Ava try to catch some fish." However, after we got up to the lake and Bodie got the poles set up, he did such an odd thing and casted for me. When he handed me the pole, I immediately realized what he had done and questioned it because it had been such an ongoing joke in our relationship how stubborn I was when it came to fishing. (I know, I know. He's going to have his hands full!) Anyways, he smiled at me with such a sweet knowingly smile and told me to recast it. However when I reeled it in, he pointed out to me something pink and round on tied to the hook that was definitely not bait - it was a pink rubber wedding band! Before I knew it, I turned around and he was on his knee with another ring and made me the happiest girl in the world!

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