June 9, 2023
Cross Roads, Texas

McKenzie & Bakker


Bakker Shields


McKenzie Morgan


Cross Roads


June 9


How We Met

The first of many times Bakker has saved Kenzie's life...

We met at a party during our Sophomore Year of college at the University of Oklahoma. The group was about to play a game involving some drinking, and I (Bakker) got a tap on the shoulder from one of our friends. "Hey, can you drink for my friend? She is allergic to beer and she will DIE if she has to drink any for the game!" a mutual friend told me as she gestured to a very pretty shy girl behind her. I, being in the state I was in, volunteered happily not wanting anyone to die for a drinking game. That was my first impression of McKenzie Morgan. We later had several classes together being in the same major, and would see each other occasionally at the school gym. Our friend groups started to get closer together, so we started to cross paths outside of school much more often. ****Supposedly... she was flirting with me for weeks before I took notice. But once I finally did, it was over for me. I fell in love with her goofiness, her kind heart, and her gorgeous smile, and have never looked back. I asked her parents' blessing less than one year into dating, and began planning a proposal. I worked together with her family to craft the perfect cover for the big day - Morgan family photos! I was also going to be busy hosting my friends for a "guys' weekend", so I wouldn't be available at all to hang out that weekend. I planned an ambush for April 2, 2022 (purely because I knew she would be angry if I did it on April Fools'). I worked out the details with our photographer and shocked her with the big question and her ring on a beautiful bridge in Highland Park, TX.

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