McKenna & Kevin


McKenna Sowers


Kevin Torres

May 28, 2023

Seattle, WA
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How We Met

September 26th, 2019

Our story began on a crisp autumn night. Both Kevin and McKenna had recently moved back to the Seattle area after completing professional internships. Kev was living at a guy’s house that hosted a weekly Bible study, and one of Kenna’s friends that knew Kev in college invited her to join. After getting hopelessly lost trying to find parking, superhost Kev gave Kenna directions over the phone. She ended up arriving fashionably late and left early - far too shy to introduce herself in person. Little did Kev know that their mutual friend tried to set them up that night! Both were in busy life seasons, so the timing didn’t quite line up...

How We Reconnected

June 27th, 2021

Fast forward nearly two years later when Kev and Kenna match on a dating app. At first, they didn’t realize who the other person was, until Kenna confirmed with their mutual friend that yes, Kevin was the same Kevin Torres, aka the community guy. They embarked on their first date together (on the record-breaking hottest Seattle summer day of the year) walking Discovery Park with iced coffees in hand. The first date led to a second date, and then a third… with them getting to know each other’s stories while exploring nearly every corner of the city.

Falling In Love

September 3rd, 2021

As the summer transitioned into fall, Kevin made the move to Dallas, and both decided to continue pursuing each other via long distance. Their love for travel was a new means to stay connected, which led to reunions in Raleigh, Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, and Dallas. After six months of dating states apart, Kenna decides to make the move down to Texas. They continued to adventure together - learning how to date in person again, transitioning to a new city, starting premarital class and couples counseling, traveling to Mexico City for the first time - and deepened their friendship in life's ups and downs.

Let's Call It Forever

August 13th, 2022

The following summer Kev takes Kenna back to Discovery Park, their first date and first kiss spot. He surprises her with a slow dance, handwritten letter, and of course, a lovely emerald ring on one knee. With a joyful heart she said yes! Eager to continue building a life together, Kev and Kenna have been merging their passions for community, arts and music, different cultures, and amazing food. When they’re not wedding planning, you can find them going for long coffee walks or hunting down the best taco spots in town.