Tina & Eric

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Eric McGugin


Tina Martin

September 16

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How We Met

Hoe Needed a Tow

Tina and Eric met on a Saturday morning in February. Kelli, Tina's sister, called Woody's towing services for Tina's car which was having trouble at the time. The tow truck showed up to Pet Palace about an hour later. Tina knew she had an instant connection with Eric, the tow truck driver, from the first "That's what she said" joke. Yet, she was still apprehensive on making the first move. A friend of Tina's knew that Eric was just her type - if you will - and initiated the passing of cell numbers. The two began texting and planned for their first date the very next day. Eric picked Tina up for tacos at Casa Jalisco. Afterwards, Tina went on a few tow runs with Eric and the two have not spent a day apart since. Eric made things official on February 14th, 2022 and that was all she wrote.