McClane & Lucas

We’re Getting Married!


Lucas Oakley


McClane Guerra

May 20, 2023

Baxter, TN
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The Day I Said Yes To Forever

A day with so many clues that went right over my head ~ 03.03.2022

I remember the day Lucas asked me to marry him, and what a day it was. We had started the spring 2022 semester and it was getting time for midterms. I remember eating dinner with Lucas one night and talking about our week to come. My plate was full both literally and metaphorically speaking. I had a couple exams and papers due that week, so I made an appointment to get my nails done to pamper myself and destress. I told Lucas this and he said why wait to get them done... you should move your appointment up a day. I said okay why not and changed my appointment. Lucas then proceeded to tell me the college of business was hosting a professional headshot fair and said it would be good to get done. I was flustered and said I will see if I have time. A few days go by and it is time to get my professional headshot. I had on a nice outfit and did my hair and makeup. After pictures Lucas said we should go to Bee Rock. Bee Rock is a gorgeous overlook about 20 minutes away from cookeville. My first thought was I do not have time to do this. I had already pushed finishing my papers back. Once my nails were done I had a couple hours to work on my papers. I did as much as I could before Lucas picked me up and we went on our way. The whole drive I was quiet and thinking to myself... This should not take long... I should have plenty of time to finish my work. Finally we made it Bee Rock! I was on a mission and wanted to get up to the overlook and watch the sunset and leave. We made it and found a spot to sit and watch. We talked and laughed and Lucas asked to take my picture. I have a couple of goofy pictures from previous trips to Bee Rock. I stood up fluffed my hair and fixed my shirt. When I turned around for the picture I was surprised to see Lucas down on one knee asking me the question... WILL YOU MARRY ME? Instantly all of my worries were washed away and I said YES to forever!