Maya & Holden



Maya Ziemba


Holden Law


June 15, 2024

Superior, WI
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The Boy With Dimples in 10th Grade History Class

Our story begins in our 10th grade history class…well it actually began for me (Maya) in 7th grade as my first high school crush—it was short lived…until it wasn’t ◡̈ Holden sat behind me and we immediately had a bond…I mean, the kind of “drop everything” to make each others day better bond. We were still just friends at this time and I totally friend zoned Holden…(sorry, my love). A testament to that bond, however came over the course of 2 years…Holden never gave up on our story…and I didn’t see it until senior swim season when I would come home from an away swim meet and get to my car and see a snickers bar and a sticky note waiting for me. How could an 18yr old boy be so thoughtful?!? That cute kid with the dimples and beautiful blue eyes, won me over with by being his thoughtful, sweet, caring self. Here we are, 7 years later, planning a wedding and building a life! We would love for you to join us to celebrate! Cheers, Maya + Holden