Maxfield & Emily

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We're getting married!

Emily Willett


Maxfield Clarke

June 15, 2024

Marietta, PA
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How We Met

We met at York College during our Junior Year! Max would come by the gym and walk back and forth the front desk while Emily worked night shift (obviously enjoying the view). Not long after the awkward small talk about the weather, COVID hit the world and we moved states-length apart. However, that did not stop our spark! We reconnected over iPhone games and several Zoom calls. After months of traveling back and forth from NJ and PA, we finally decided to make things official. The rest is history!

The Proposal


Max had the ring for a full 3 months and boy was it burning a hole in his fanny pack! A man with no plan, he took it with us on our anniversary trip across New England. After two days of non-stop rain, we arrived in New Haven, CT (for pizza, of course). While waiting in line, we were given an estimated 60 minutes for a slice and in that moment the clouds parted and we saw sun for the first time in days. Max abruptly said 'Let's scoot to a park!' and Emily, clueless, replied 'Sure!' We landed at a pier and while Emily was texting her mom a picture of the view, she turned and there Max was on one knee and delivering the most heart felt speech. Of course, Emily does not remember anything and Max had to ask her 'Well...are you going to say yes?!' and shockingly, she did!

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