Max & Isabelle


Max Mauschbaugh


Isabelle Swanson

July 29, 2023

Peoria, IL
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Our Story

Max and Isabelle met in college at the University of Illinois in 2020. During their sophomore year, many churches were still not meeting in person due to the pandemic. Max's roommates offered to host weekly viewings of the online service at their apartment, which is where they met. They soon bonded over uncannily similar music tastes and quickly became close friends. While most of their friends saw it long before either of them did, they eventually realized there was more to their relationship than just good friends. While this friendship is still at the heart of their bond, the ultimate foundation and purpose of their soon-to-be marriage is to push one another closer to Christ and spur each other on in whatever plans He has for them. We cannot wait to be married and to celebrate with all of the people we love most in July!