Ryen Ashley & Matthew Wade


Matthew Wade Horsley


Ryen Ashley Strong

August 5, 2023

How We Began


Matthew and Ryen met through a mutual friend, Scout Johnson, while tailgating for the TAMU vs Florida Game back in 2020. They instantly hit it off and have been inseparable ever since. Looking back, their paths crossed several times but this time everything fell into place!

The Engagement


Matthew surprised Ryen with a dinner date to celebrate her "Graduation" at the Republic. Shortly after, he drove her to the Bush Library and told her he had one thing left in store. Since he was unable to attend Graduation, he wanted to gift her photos together to forever look back on. Minutes later, Matthew took Ryen on a rose petal path around the pond and proposed under the Gazebo. After shedding a few tears and jumping with joy, she said yes! Both families then came out of hiding to celebrate with the newly engaged couple. Little did Ryen know that was not the last surprise. Matthew had gathered their closest friends and loved ones at a house nearby to celebrate!

What's Next

From Here On

Ryen and Moose will be joining Matthew after the wedding in North Carolina! They will live there for the next 3 years during Matthew's contract with the Marine Corps. There will be plenty of flights home for Holidays, Football Season, & Special Occasions!