Hadley & Matthew







September 30, 2023

Excelsior, MN
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Fireworks from Day 1

We met as most people do these days, by placing our faith in an algorithm. Through the magic of Bumble, we were matched and began talking. A shared love of the outdoors and dogs got the conversations rolling, and we continued to talk. As luck would have it we were ready to meet for our first date, which happened to be on July 4th. The plan was simple, we were to meet in a parking lot near the fireworks and enjoy a walk to spend some time talking and getting to know each other. After a firm handshake and introductions, we set off. The only problems were Matt's terrible sense of direction and the near jungle heat and humidity of the day. Though the walk was nearly twice as long as it should have been, it allowed us time to learn more about each other. We chatted about how we both coach youth sports, value our relationships with friends and family, and prefer experiences over things. We made friends with strangers and received their well wishes as we navigated our first date together, enjoyed absurdly fast melting snow cones, and took in the best first date entertainment the City of Saint Louis Park had to offer. The walk back to our respective cars was far more efficient but was again filled with conversation. We made plans for a second date, one that both of us were excited to take part in. We were lucky enough to be able to recreate our first date one year later and look back on the prior 365 days filled with falling in love. That night, 07/04/2021, was the start of our relationship and we look forward to having you all there with us to celebrate the next chapter of this wonderful story.