April 23, 2022
St. Petersburg, FL

Matt & Emma


Lighted GarlandLighted Garland

Emma Floyd


Matt Hertzman

St. Petersburg


April 23


Our Story


November 10, 2018 - the date Matt gifted Emma a taco at a Make-A-Wish event and everything changed. Prior to that date, we were friendly co-workers (on completely separate teams) who occasionally attended the same networking events. After that date, we became Facebook friends, which led to Matt attending Emma’s Christmas apartment party. Then Matt asked Emma on a first date of touring the zoo lights and eating pizza. We quickly knew we had each found a special person and began officially dating in late December. The following year was spent taking mini trips to Wisconsin and Michigan, traveling for weddings, and enjoying all of the activities Chicago has to offer - from beach days to Game of Thrones themed bar nights. We decided to take the next step and move in together in May of 2020, right as the pandemic was gaining momentum. Since Chicago was shutting down and we were working from home we decided to drive down to Florida to stay with Emma’s parents for a few weeks. Those few weeks turned into months and we were able to make the most of our situation spending time with family. At the end of 2020, Matt proposed on the beach in Naples with both families there to celebrate! We are so excited to celebrate our next step in life with all of you and can’t wait to see you in April!