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October 19, 2024

Lodi, CA
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The Proposal🤍

May 2, 2023

We had our birthday trip to Las Vegas in April with a bunch of our friends and we were talking and thought it would be funny If we went and did one of those Elvis wedding chapels in vegas, Taylor said there’s no way we are doing that! He told me he would not do it in Vegas because it wasn’t classy or clean. So, we came home and talked about it some more and I had my little suspicions that taylor was going to propose and kept asking all of our friends and they said they had no idea but to quit asking questions! May 2, 2023 we were going to Maui for a trip with just Taylor and I. Once we landed in Maui we went shopping for food checked into where we were staying and but the time we did all of that it was sunset and taylor suggested we go to watch the sunset at a local beach Ho’okipa Beach because there are turtles and a bunch of locals surfing - I love watching and seeing both those things. We get to the beach and watch the turtles and locals surf for a while, Taylor asks to walk the beach of course i say yes! Then I asked him if we could take pictures and my arm isn’t long enough so he said why don’t you just put it on video and screenshot the ones you like! Me being oblivious and not paying attention he digs in his backpack and I turn around and he’s on one knee! I started happy crying and asked him probably 20 times if he was sure! Of course i said yes and hugged and kissed him!