Lauren & Jeffrey



Jeffrey Dolley


lauren matcham

August 12, 2023

Mammoth Lakes, CA

The Epic Love Story

Lauren and Jeffrey's love story was pretty cool. After Jeffrey suggested a disneyland first date on a dating app in FEBRUARY of 2020, Lauren took a whole month to reply, leaving Jeffrey on edge. But little did she know, he was plotting his next move. Despite the pandemic causing chaos everywhere, Lauren and Jeffrey managed to stay afloat. They texted and video chatted for weeks, until they finally braved an in-person encounter. Lucky for them, they remained healthy and happy. And when Lauren finally asked Jeffrey to be her boyfriend, he was all in. But it wasn't without a little bit of silliness. LAUREN: hey, what do you think of being boyfriend-girlfriend? JEFFREY: Yeah.... LAUREN: Sooooo, are you gonna ask me? JEFFREY: Oh yeah....Do you want to be my girlfriend? LAUREN: OKAY!! From then on, it was a crazy adventure filled with lots of masks, social distancing, and even some job changes. But they remained a happy couple, making each other laugh every step of the way. And when Jeffrey finally proposed, he went all out with lies and deceit, so unlike his character. He told Lauren that they were getting brunch with his parents when it was in fact brunch with his whole family and HER whole family. Lauren was floored when she saw everyone and Jeffrey dropping to his knee. Without skipping a beat Jeffrey mumbled out "WillYouMarryMeBaby". She of course said yes because you are now reading their love story on their wedding website. THE END

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