Cassidy & Mason



Mason Kraft


Cassidy Cunningham

October 26, 2024

WaterColor, FL
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How We Met

Summer 2015

Mason was a first classman (senior) at the United States Merchant Marine Academy where Cassidy’s younger brother, Kyle, just started as a plebe (freshman). Mason was Kyle’s platoon commander and required the plebes to post pictures of their sisters on the platoon bulletin board. Mason picked Cassidy’s picture out from the board, and when family weekend came around, was on the lookout. Mason “casually” bumped into Kyle’s family in the hallway, and after confirming the girl with his family was the sister not girlfriend, later asked him if he could reach out to her on Facebook. Cassidy received a Facebook message a few days later. Mason and Cassidy casually talked for a few months and then decided to meet in New York City for New Years Eve. They had an amazing weekend together & even got their picture posted by the Wall Street Journal Twitter! They continued to be each others’ dates to sorority formals and academy events for a year or so. After breaking up in 2017 and taking time to focus on their careers, in 2020 they decided to meet for the weekend in NC. Both felt like no time had passed and being together felt perfect. They quickly planned to see each other the next weekend and were together forever after that!

The Proposal


Mason proposed in Dallas, Texas, in Reunion Tower after a fabulous & romantic dinner. We spent the night and next day just us. It was perfect!

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