Stephanie + Michael


Stephanie Mason


Michael Sarap

September 30, 2023

Dallas, TX
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Our First Date

I'm Not an Axe Murderer

It’s a digital love story. I was online shopping for a date and swiped right on his profile. He had lots of golf pictures so I leaned in with a good opening line. “I’m pretty sure I can out drive you from the tee box.” Unbeknownst to my arrogant self, he plays golf for a living. He messaged back, “Sure, but how’s your short game” and I knew he could handle my humor. After a few phone calls and lots of text messages, it was time to meet. And as the lovely gentleman he is, I was invited out to a quote, “shit show” of a party. I was elated! I arrive. Find the group. Grab a shot of liquid courage before walking up to him. As I approach, I hear one of his friends say, “What do you mean you invited an online date to our party? She could be an axe murderer!” I knew it was my moment to shine. With a White Claw in one hand and a smile on my face, I shouted “Hey, I’m the online date. And no, I am not an axe murderer, but I do love crime drama!” Everyone laughed and Michael gave me the head nod of approval. The hard part was over.

When I Knew He Loved Me

Still Not an Axe Murder

Sarap and I were at a group gathering at Joe’s, the best man for the groom, house. Food, spirits, board game, and lots of laughter. One of those nights you talk about the next day. We’d only been dating for a month, so I was the new girl at the party. I got to spend time with the people who mattered most in Michael’s life. I tried not to act nervous. I was in a corner chatting it up with one of his friends. I may have been a little stuck and Michael saw I needed help to exit this conversation politely. As he approached, the gentleman was complimenting me on the color of my eyes. Okay – now I feel a little awkward. Sarap popped in with a smile and quickly said, “I agree. They are beautiful” and felt a sense of relief. He continued to describe my eyes, “The emerald green iris and the flecks of gold and brown are mesmerizing.” His eyes were locked directly on mine. I was frozen. “Did you know they change colors, too?” as he looks at his friend who now knows Michael and I are together. His friend quietly exits the conversation and stumbles away. Now, I am standing there, still frozen. In the shock of this moment. Dumbfounded that this beautiful man is looking at me in awe. As he grabbed my hand and walked me outside, that’s when I knew. I loved him. He loved me.