Mary Kate & Aloyis

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Aloyis Gray


Mary Kate MacLean

July 20, 2024

Bloomfield Hills, MI
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How We Met

21st Century Dating

Aloyis and Mary Kate were both student-athletes at Eastern Michigan University. At the end of the academic year the university would hold a sports award show called the Ypsi's. Aloyis noticed Mary Kate across the room as she was making her way to her seat for the show. Aloyis decided to play the long game by following her on Instagram. They both graduated and moved on to jobs in different cities without meeting in person. It wasn't until December 2021 when Aloyis and MK connected on Instagram. Messages turned into long phone calls until Aloyis invited Mary Kate to visit in his home town of Indianapolis. Mary Kate made the drive since her college teammates would be there as well. Mary Kate, Aloyis, and her teammates all went on their first date to the Eagle in downtown Indianapolis. Later Mary Kate and Aloyis enjoyed a walked around downtown Indianapolis getting to know each other.

The Proposal

On the weeks leading up the the proposal, Aloyis insisted Mary Kate come to Indianapolis for the weekend instead of going to visit her in Michigan. Mary Kate had a hunch an got a manicure before leaving for the crossroads of America. Mary Kate arrived and Aloyis shared the activity packed weekend he had planned that included museums, gardens and romantic dinners. On the second days Aloyis has shared that our reservations for dinner were at a fancy steakhouse downtown and that he wanted to walk around downtown. They enjoyed a supreme meal and went for their walk. Aloyis took Mary Kate to the memorial in downtown where they walked around on their first date. In Mary Kate's head the stage was set, he was about to propose once they completed the walk. They finished their walk and Aloyis turned to Mary Kate and said... "ready to go?". The next day after church and brunch, they headed to Newfield Museum. As they were pulling into the parking lot Mary Kate texted her roommate saying that she was off base and it wasnt going to happen. For the next two hours they walked the 3 levels of the museum looking at the art and taking pictures. Aloyis suggested that they take a walk through the gardens since that is what the Museum was known for. As they were walking, Aloyis noticed a friend working as a photographer. As they were catching up, she asked if they wanted their picture taken. As she was snapping their photo, Aloyis pulled a box from his back pocket, dropped to one knee and asked "do you want to marry me?".

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