Mary Blake & Alex


Alex Allen


Mary Blake Warren

September 30, 2023

Charleston, SC
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How It Happened- MB's version

I Made the First Move

We met originally at the Allen-Hayworth beach trip to Sunset Beach back in 2017. I never really thought of Alex any differently other than "Taylor's baby cuz". The annual beach trip continued in 2018 and again, he was still Taylor's baby cuz. It wasn't until the beach trip in 2019 where I looked at Alex as a potential prospect. It was decided when my dad gave Alex his stamp of approval that he was "a good egg." I used my magic (with the help of some liquid courage) to win Alex over on the second to last night of the beach trip with magic card tricks and teaching him how to shuffle. And the rest is history! After almost 4 years of long distance dating, we will finally be married and living together in Charleston!

How It Happened- Alex's version

I Still Don't Know How to Shuffle

The Allen-Hayworth family beach trip was a staple of my summers when I was little. As the years went on the tradition faded away as our families were busy and the Hayworths moved to Connecticut. Finally being out of college, we were able to rekindle the trip in 2017, and being only children, both Taylor and I invited friends. MB was fun, a bit sassy, and the queen of games. The trip repeated in 2018, but it wasn't until 2019 that I noticed just how beautiful a shade of green MB's eyes were. Something was different that year, and she confirmed this feeling one night when she showed me her best card tricks and was determined to teach me how to shuffle. Now almost 4 years later, our love has endured long distances and times apart, but we're finally going to be together...FOREVER! Oh and I still can't shuffle cards!