Martin & Samarie

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Martin Peter Weismantel


Samarie Garcia Rodriguez



April 1

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Our Story

Martin and Samarie met the modern way: by liking each other's profile on Hinge(swoon!) in 2021. Their first date started pretty impressive in a dinosaur-inspired corn maze, but it ended a bit of a disaster—Martin got swarmed by bugs that wouldn’t go away. (That should have been a sign. He's someone you want to be around.) However, their following dates improved, and they've been together ever since. A few of Marty and Samarie's favorite memories from their time together: Traveling to see family members, cooking together-including a grilled cheese competition, participating in a spirited run dressed as dragons, and lots of trips to the arcade. Marty and Samarie's proposal was unique as it happened in the same place it all began. Martin planned to propose to Samarie during a recreation of their first date at the corn maze. During the walk through the maze, Marty got down on one knee! Rings were presented, hugs and kisses were shared, and it was a fantastic experience. We're so excited for you to join us as we say "I do" at our wedding on April 1st of 2023. See you soon!